Saturday, November 28, 2009

The showroom is getting bigger........

After months of research and deliberation, i finally discovered the best way for me to expand, and make the most of my site! Here i'll post regular updates as i progress with stage 2 of my 'container showroom'

I started considering ideas at the end of the summer. I've gone through so many ideas i cant remember them all. Most focused around the idea of joining container, cutting them about etc etc, but in the end i decided to keep it simple, but effective....(i hope).

So, this is the vision. This is how i see the end result:

The centre container is my existing showroom, and will remain just that. I'll then have one as an office, and the other will be a gallery room/storage. Thats the plan anyway.

The new containers arrived yesterday, in terrible weather - rain rain rain! They're now in place.

So the work begins again, exactly 1 year after the first one. Theres a reminder in the post below of how things looked, and i'll update this page as much as i can with progress!